Alasdair Mcluckie

Represented by

Murray White Room, Melbourne
Mothers Tankstation Limited, Dublin


2005 – 2007 BA of Fine Art, Painting, VCA, Melbourne
2003 – 2004 Dip. Visual Art, RMIT, Melbourne

Solo Exhibitions

2018 ‘As a Young Snail, a Middle Aged Snail, and an Old Snail, I Was Not a Fast Worker’, Murray White Room, Melbourne
2017 ‘Making Zulma/Making Zulma/Feelings’, Bus Projects, Melbourne
2017 ‘The Birth of Form’, Mothers Tankstation Limited, Dublin
2016 ‘Alasdair McLuckie’, Ten Cubed, Melbourne
2016 ‘Doubles’, Ideas Platform, Artspace, Sydney
2016 ‘Jungle Paintings’, Murray White Room, Melbourne
2016 ‘Moods’, The Young, Wellington
2015 ‘Nine Times Modern Man and Moon’, Siegfried Contemporary, London, in collaboration with Mothers Tankstation
2015 ‘House of Joy/Hello Ladies’, Chapter House Lane, Melbourne
2015 ‘Alasdair McLuckie’, with Mother’s Tankstation, Liste, Basel
2014 ‘Two lovers sit on a beach dreaming at the night sky as the waves wave hello to their eternal moon friend, who smiles and waves right back’, Murray White Room, Melbourne
2014 ‘Cosmic Soul Sugar’, Studio 12 Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne
2013 ‘Alasdair McLuckie’, Ten Cubed, Melbourne
2012 ‘The Method’, Turner Galleries, Perth
2012 ‘Pink Lions’, Murray White Room, Melbourne
2010 ‘The Sun as my Witness’, West Space Gallery, Melbourne
2010 ‘Fields of Ecstasy’, Murray White Room, Melbourne
2009 ‘The Highest Mountain Peaks, Right before Dawn’, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne
2008 ‘Laelia and the Seasons’, West Space Gallery, Melbourne
2008 ‘The Hill Dwellers’, TCB art inc., Melbourne

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 ‘Spring Syllabus’, J Hammond Projects, London
2018 ‘Art Basel’, with Mothers Tankstation Limited, Hong Kong
2017 ‘Groupie’, Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney
2017 ‘9 x 5 Now’, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
2017 ‘Group 05’, Murray White Room, Melbourne
2016 ‘Sappers and Shrapnel’, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide
2016 ‘Pattern +’, Town Hall Gallery, Melbourne
2016 ‘A Collecting Vision: Ten Cubed’, Glen Eira City Council Gallery, Melbourne
2016 ‘Spring 1883’, with Murray White Room, The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne
2015 ‘Untitled Art Fair’, with Dutton Gallery, Miami
2015 ‘So far’, Ten Cubed, Melbourne
2015 ’Spring 1883’, with Murray White Room, The Establishment, Sydney
2015 ‘Percy Grainger: In the Company of Strangers’, The Gallery at Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre, Melbourne
2014 ‘Gertrude Studios 2014 Part Two’, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne
2014 ‘Five Perspectives’, The Young, Wellington
2014 ‘Pattern’, Glen Eira City Council Gallery, Melbourne
2014 ‘Spring 1883’, with Murray White Room, The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne
2014 ‘Eight year, Eight Artist, One Wall’ with Mothers Tankstation, Liste, Basel
2014 'Art Basel’, with Murray White Room, Hong Kong
2014 ‘In Free Circulation’ Mothers Tankstation, Dublin
2013 ‘Melbourne Now’, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
2013 ’Future Primitive’, Heide Museum, Melbourne
2013 ‘Gertrude Studios 2013’, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne
2013 ‘Theatre of the World’, La Maison Rouge, Paris
2013 ‘Everyday’, Murray White Room, Melbourne
2013 ‘Sydney Contemporary’, with Murray White Room, Sydney
2013 ‘After Prima Post Vera’, Australia Council, Sydney
2013 'Art Basel’, with Murray White Room, Hong Kong
2013 ’10 Years: 30 Residencies’, Turner Galleries, Perth
2013 ‘Preview 13’, Murray White Room, Melbourne
2012 ‘Art & Australia Collection 2003-2013’, Newcastle Art Gallery, Newcastle
2012 ‘Theatre Of The World’, Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart
2011 ‘Group 04’, Murray White Room, Melbourne
2011 ‘Keith & Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship’, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
2011 ‘The Five Obstructions’, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
2011 ‘Primavera 2010’, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane, Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle & Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart
2011 ‘Monanism’, Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart
2010 ‘Freehand: Recent Australian Drawing’, Heide Museum, Melbourne
2010 ‘Primavera’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
2010 ‘Dream Weavers’, Cast Gallery, Hobart
2010 ‘Preview 10’ Murray White Room, Melbourne
2009 ‘RBS Emerging Artist Award’, RBS Tower, Sydney
2009 ‘Fleshless Resurrection’ Rear View Gallery, Melbourne
2009 ‘Leper / Messiah’, Neon Parc, Melbourne
2009 ‘Melbourne Connection’, Museum of Leon, Mexico
2008 ‘The Devolution Project’, West Space Gallery, Melbourne & The University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba
2008 ‘Rookie’, Deloitte, Sydney
2008 ‘Brothers and Sisters of the Pale Forest’, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne

Awards & Grants

2015 Dr. David & Margery Edwards Trust
2015 Ian Potter Cultural Trust
2013 Qantas SOYA Visual Art Award
2012 Art & Australia/Credit Suisse Private Banking Contemporary Art Award
2012 Australia Council New Work Grant
2011 Veolia Primavera Acquisitive Award
2010 Melbourne City Council Arts Project Grant
2008 Melbourne City Council Young Artist Grant


2016 Artspace, Sydney
2016 The Young, Wellington
2015 The International Studio & Curatorial Program, New York
2013-2015 Gertrude Contemporary Studio Residency, Melbourne
2012 Artspace, Sydney
2012 Turner Galleries Art Angels Residency, Perth


Art Gallery NSW
The National Gallery of Australia
Museum of Old and New Art
Monash University Museum of Art
Art Bank
Ten Cubed Collection
Various Private Collections