Two Clocks and Sixteen Shoulders

One Shoulder/Unring the Bell, 2020

One Shoulder/Rain More Blows, 2020

One Shoulder/Hard Wired Magical Thinkers, 2020

One Shoulder/False Valour, 2020

One Shoulder/The Devils Laughter, 2020

One Shoulder/This Beautiful Dream, 2020

One Shoulder/Enchanted by Ruins, 2020

One Shoulder/Recognize No Authority But Yourself, 2020

One Shoulder/The Even Distribution of Risk, 2020

One Shoulder/Impossible Model, 2020

One Shoulder/No Head for Heights, 2020

One Shoulder/Hurry Up and Wait, 2020

One Shoulder/Constructive Ambiguity, 2020

One Shoulder/The Soft landing, 2020

One Shoulder/Walks Through Puddles, 2020

One Shoulder/Death of the Street, 2020

Two Clocks and Sixteen Shoulders, Installation View, 2021, Photo by Saul Steed